Size Guide

The Artist Jacket is a dream come true. It invokes art studio feels, with tall oversized pockets for all those paintbrushes and pencils you'd need if you could just quit that pesky day job and make art. We love this fabric from The New Denim Project! It is made from post-industrial waste from garment factories and is processed into new fabric. The upcycled denim is made using scraps collected from weaving mills that would usually get thrown away. It also has fibers from various recycled clothing woven in, creating tiny flecks of color. Because the fabric does not get dyed, it can vary from roll to roll depending on the scraps collected.

Though we try to keep a small stock, often times garments are sewn to order. Please expect a ship date of up to 4 weeks from your order date.

100% Megafiber (may contain synthetic fibers from recycled clothing).

Processed and woven in Guatemala.

Designed, cut and sewn by TIGEROWL owner Summer Dalton in Ventura, California.

French and flat felled seams throughout.

Regular fit.

Due to the nature of handmade clothing, slight variations may occur.

We recommend spot cleaning your garments when you can, then when needed, machine wash cool and hang dry. Your garment may shrink if put in the dryer but then loosen again once you wear it.

Garments can feel a little stiff after line-drying but once you put them on, your body heat will soften them right up. If you prefer, you can through the line-dried items in the dryer with a damp towel for 5-10 min to soften.