Since we provide the flat measurements of each garment, the easiest way to find your recommended size is to compare them to items you already own and like the fit of. To measure your existing garment, lay it as flat as possible without stretching it. If you don't have a tailor's measuring tape, use a string and measure that length with a retractable tape measure or ruler. 

Garment measurements are different from your body measurements since most garments have quite a bit of ease. Above the size chart on each product page you will see a recommended measurement to refer to (ex: hip, waist, bust). Below are photos of how to measure both flat garments and your body. 

When measuring your body, do so wearing whatever good bra you would normally wear (if you wear one) and slim fitting garments, or better yet, just undergarments. Pull the tape or string snug and make sure the tape is parallel to the ground all the way around your widest or narrowest parts, depending on the measurement.

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