Can I return or exchange a sale item?

All sale items are Final Sale. Feel free to reach out to hello@tigerowldesgins if your item is damaged or defective though!


What's the difference between In Stock and Made to Order?

We are a super small operation and still sew many of our garments to order based on our patterns we designed. While we generally don't take custom tailoring requests, we will consider simple modifications such as a custom length or color if we have it available. We wanted to just have an easy way to communicate to the customer what we have in stock vs what will have to be made, so if you order a product from the Made to Order category, please understand that it can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks (depending on the product) before you get a shipping notification. Feel free to send us an email if you're curious on the status during that window of time! And we always welcome emails informing us of a date you'd hope to get the garment by, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. In stock items will ship in 1-3 business days.


How do I tie my Wrap Pants?

There are many ways to tie them! Click here to see our favorite way to do it. Get creative, some people wrap them to tie in the back or even put them on backwards to switch the pockets around! It may feel cumbersome at first, but we promise, after a few times it will become second nature!


How do I care for my garment?

Linen will loosen as you wear it. We recommend spot cleaning your garments when you can, then when needed, machine wash cool and hang dry. Your garments are preshrunk, so if you throw them in the dryer on low-medium heat, that's fine. They will shrink back up slightly but then loosen again once you put them on. 

They can feel a little stiff after line-drying but once you put them on, your body heat will soften them right up. If you prefer, you can through the line-dried items in the dryer with a damp towel for 5-10 min to soften. 

We are big believers in line drying to extend the life of your garment. Also if your garment ever needs wears out, we hope you take the chance to repair it and keep it out of the landfill for as long as possible. If you need ideas for repair or need linen scraps to patch holes, please email us at


What if my garment malfunctions?

We want to know! Please send us an email at and tell us if something went wrong. Our garments are handmade and although we are confident that they are made to last, human error is involved and sometimes things just fail. We will happily repair any garment or give you tips/instructions to so that you can keep wearing it!


What can I expect when I place an order?

You'll get an order confirmation and then we'll either fill the order ASAP if the garment is in stock, or put it in our queue to be made. When an order needs to be sewn it can take up to 4 weeks from your order date to receive a shipment confirmation, at which time you'll receive a tracking number. 


Can I request a custom garment?

Sometimes! It all depends on our time frame and how much work we have a the moment. Please send us an email at and we can see if we can do a variation for you. As far as custom lengths go, we encourage you to take it to a local tailor for any hemming. If you need extra length added, please send us an email!


Can I return/exchange my order?

Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges page for more information.


Where does your fabric come from?

Our linen is grown and milled in Europe, then finished with eco-friendly dyes in Los Angeles, CA. We also work with upcycled fabrics from The New Denim Project that are woven in Guatemala. Any other fabric we might use is likely deadstock fabric.


What's the process of the printed garments?

Our printed garments are usually block printed, one piece at a time! It is a labor of love but we love the variations you get with block printing and knowing that no two garments are exactly the same. We always use eco-friendly water-based inks to print these.


How do you pack your orders?

We are committed to reducing waste, therefore your garment will be shipped in a recycled, recyclable paper shipping envelope. The notes and hang tags are post-consumer, fully recyclable and are attached with a hemp twine that is biodegradable. We do not use plastic bags for the garments, instead they will be packed in a reusable cotton drawstring sack. Let us know how you use this handy bag!



Each item currently up to 4 weeks from ordering. The reason for this is that we are a very small operation and although we try to keep a small stock of items, often times our garments are sewn to order.

We ship almost exclusively via USPS and you will receive a shipment notification. Once you get a shipment notification, this means your item has been packaged and is awaiting pickup by USPS. Please allow 24-78 hours for your tracking details to update.

TIGEROWL is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, please make sure you enter the correct address before placing an order.