We like it slow and steady around here, taking our time with each garment and keeping the environment in mind while designing new pieces. We believe in thoughtful purchases and mending your well-loved garments when they wear thin. Our hope is that these pieces will get pulled out of your closet often and be well-loved for years to come.


From our paper mailers made from 100% recycled content to our cotton dust bags to the hemp string on our hang tags, were are proud to provide a plastic-free shopping experience.


  • Our Artist Jacket and Easy Sailor Pants arrived yesterday and they are two incredibly beautiful pieces! They suit my partner perfectly and are also very gender neutral and classy.
  • I've made so many memories with the Artist Jacket, from my 1st anniversary to using it as a coverup while feeding my baby!
  • The Wrap Pants paired are my desert island pants, I love them so much! I could wear them every day and be completely happy.
  • Shona
  • Carol
  • Charlotte