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Your favorite Easy Sailor Pants got a summer cut. These linen shorts are the perfect length for doing all the activities. Or no activities. Either way, they'll quickly become the shorts that you grab for when you want to feel comfy. The 2" sewn-through elastic waistband ensures they'll stay where they need to. They are fitted at the waist and hips but still have a couple large pockets to fit some essentials.

These are made from a heavyweight linen, almost resembling denim. The fabric was painted with botanical paints by local artist Kathleen Kaller.


100% linen.

Slim fit on waist and hips, wide hem.

Dyed and finished in California.

Designed, cut and sewn by TIGEROWL owner Summer Dalton in Ventura, California.

Due to the nature of handmade clothing, slight variations may occur.

These are painted with botanical paints, meaning they tend to fade a little easier than industrial dyes. We recommend spot cleaning your garments when you can, then when needed, machine wash cool and hang dry out of the sun for best longevity.

Garments can feel a little stiff after line-drying but once you put them on, your body heat will soften them right up. If you prefer, you can through the line-dried items in the dryer with a damp towel for 5-10 min to soften.