We believe that building our fellow business owners up and supporting each other is the only way to truly be a successful small business. These people are our community, the ones in the thick of it trying to pave their own path and that believe in their craft so much that they often spend most waking hours dedicated to it. As a Ventura native, it has been so exciting to see the influx of thriving and talented small business owners in recent years. That’s why I’m creating a series FRIENDS OF TIGEROWL, which will feature local business owners and a little info about each of them. It won’t be long essays or Q & A’s, just a bit to hopefully get you interested enough that you go visit them at their place of business, website or instagram and get to know them and their craft a little better. Thanks for being here with us, we are excited to share more! xo, Summer

Written by Summer Dalton

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Meet Summer Staeb, cofounder of Midtown Wines here in Ventura.