Ready to tackle that pile of clothes that you just know you're going to fix one day? Bring a garment that has a hole or fraying or even thinning- it doesn't have to be a hole yet! We'll show you a good method to machine mend or hem your garment you wish was just a little shorter. We'll provide fabric scraps to use as well as various threads, but if you have a specific color or fabric you prefer, please bring your own. 

You must have some sewing experience, know how to thread a machine and do basic straight stitches. Some repairs may need to be hand stitched or part of the garment may need to be deconstructed in order to properly repair, so keep in mind that a hole in a wide part of the garment would be an easier project to start with than a hole in the knee of jeans. Feel free to send us a photo of your garment ahead of time if you want to ask us some questions!

We are opening this class up to some attendees bringing their own machines. Please make sure you have all parts and know how to operate your machine, as well as bring DENIM needles with you if you plan to sew heavy fabrics.